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I decided to use James Hardie fiber-cement  lap siding to cover my little airplane factory.  Well, I really didn't decide, the Lumber company decided for me seeing that you cant get anything besides James Hardie siding.  He must have worked for the phone company at some time because he sure seems to have a monopoly on the siding biz.  Just to let you know if you have a hankering to side your house, 1200 square feet of this stuff cost $1575 at Home Depot.  Lowes wanted $1950!




I went with 12" wide Cedar Mill style lap.  The pieces are 12 feet long and covers a good amount with every strip.  I used a 1 1/4" overlap for a 10 3/4" exposure.  My $89 Harbor freight  roofing nailer was used with 1.5" galvanized roofing nails to attach the siding to each previously marked stud location.    Seems to be  holding nicely.                                       After a little caulk to fill the joints, this stuff looks pretty good!




Just thought I'd throw in a pic of our dancing snauzer.  This is BoBo.  He will stand and twirl while waiting for a treat.  The one in the background is his 1 year older sister , Pixie.  Great dogs !