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3/2 - 3/5/2006

   I started this project on a Thursday morning with just the foundation and by Sunday, I had the frame this far.  My wife helped me raise the walls on Sunday 3/5/2006.  We used rented wall jacks (worth every stinking penny people. Only cost 30 bucks for the day) for the two long walls.  She helped me hand raise the two 24 foot end wall since they had no sheathing.  I knew buying that Russian mail order bride (very strong) would come in handy! 












March 10-12 / 2006

After spending most of Saturday morning cleaning up around the build site, I decided to get the ol HydraMac skid loader fired up and back fill around the shop.  After a bit of warm up and some smoking (the loader, not me!) the old loader went to work moving dirt.  Sure looks better with some fill in place.




Here we see the results of ol Macs work.  Man I love Hydraulic equipment and so does my back!





After the back filling,  I decided to get the whole family involved and attach the Tyvek covering.  It about like wrapping a huge present with allot more cussing and throwing of hammers when you bust your thumb.  The shot on the right is looking east toward the house.




The trusses were delivered in good shape last Friday (3/10/06).

The wife and I moved them into the shop on three pallets to get them off the ground.  We will spend the remainder of the week getting a few trusses an evening up and braced.  The only weigh 77 pounds each.  I actually was able to carry 8 of them into the building myself. 



March 19-22 2006

Here is that weather I keep talking about. This is late march for crying out loud.  You can see I have about 6 of the trusses in place.





I knew I would be installing most of these trusses by myself so I devised a way to hold them upright once I turned them up. My neighbor came by and named it a "Comb Spacer"  Thought that sounded pretty good to me.  I attached a 10 foot length of pipe to it so I could retrieve it without the ladder.




I made two "Comb Spacers" (as you can see installed in the left picture) so i could actually install two trusses at once and then position my twelve foot step ladder in between the new trusses and attach the temporary top brace on 24 inch centers. 






Ok , now take a close look at this picture.  Now I know you true everyday carpenters out there will laugh me out of the place with this one.  I was moving along so quickly that I inadvertently picked up the dang Gable end truss and installed it about 8 deep into the shop.  I was rather horrified when I realized toward the end of the last building session that I was missing my gable truss.  I looked around as though someone had stole the darn thing and then realized the worst.  What a bonehead.  I felt so stupid I actually looked around to see if anyone had witnessed my stupidity. 





Good thing is that it only took about 15 minutes to pull the nails, ease it down with allot of extra muscle and push in the right truss.

The gable end is the one with the verticals on 16 inch centers. Its also the one that ain't suppose to be in this picture but IS !




March 23 -2006

They're up !




March 24-26 / 2006

Yee Haa!  I decided to go ahead and attempt the roof this weekend.  I was hesitant due to my daughter having a soccer game and my sons birthday party.  I didn't think Id have enough time but shoot, pressure just makes you work better!

Notice the plywood jack I built to make it easier to get the wood to the roof while working by myself.




 All the decking is now up and this is all the farther i got before nightfall Sunday March 26th.  I decided to get some felt up and nail it good to help shed some of the rain we were expecting to get.  Unfortunately I didn't get the other side done before it rained like heck. Didn't seem to hurt the OSB much.  Just need to get it covered quick.  I will never be a roofer and I have to hand it to all you guys who are.  YOU'RE NUTS! 




April 1-2 2006


I spent Saturday and Sunday from sun up till sun down getting this roof done. 

It took 31 bundles of shingles along with some sore knees and back.



I was a teenager since I did any roof work, so I started on the back side to get a little practice.  Came out pretty good for a rookie I guess.  I'll do a few things different on the next roof job for sure.





Here she is as of 4/26/06.  I have the garage door, the windows and the man door installed.  Just need to get the doors trim pieces on and then I can get to installing the HardieBoard siding. 





Left- I wanted to keep the hangers for the garage door tracks simple.  Don't worry, everything is screwed together nice and strong.

Right- A shot of the garage door framing .





This image is rather large if you click on it, but gives a nice idea of the size inside the aircraft factory. That big green thing needs to grow some wings!