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It was finally time to install the conduits for the conductors that would bring the shop to life!  I rented this walk behind trencher to do the job.  Best 75 bucks I ever spent!

The NEC requires an 18" depth for PVC conduit.  This trencher was capable of 19".



This bad boy takes allot of work out of digging the trench.  After a few minutes, I was getting the hang of it.







I took a few pictures to satisfy the inspectors.

I had to go over the first 30 feet twice since I didn't get the blade deep enough on the first pass.




I installed two LB boxes on both the shop and the house about 12 inches apart.  I am going to install coaxial cable for the the TV  (Yes , I said cable!) and phone in the second conduit.  You should stay at least 12 inches away when installing cable next to power. 





Here you can see the finished product.  After about two hours a tamping down 4" layers of dirt, I was able to get the soil to just mound up a bit without to much excess.

A little grass seed and it will be like new !




This is in the basement of the house.  I simply installed an LB box inside and aimed it toward the power panel.  I ran about 50 feet of 3/4" PVC conduit along the top edge of the foundation.

My wife helped me pull three #6 THHN conductors along with a #10 Green THHN ground conductors into the conduits.




The conductors come into the LB at the bottom and up into a 60 amp disconnect box. The conductors then travel up into the sub panel via flex conduit.  The panel has 8 spaces which should be plenty for this little shop.

I now have power feeding the lights and one outlet.  What a great feeling to be able to walk in and flip the switch for the lights.  Beats unreeling an extension cord each building session.




The panel in the house had no space left to add the 60 amp breaker for the shop so I picked up this Square D QO service panel from my friendly Home Depot.  Utilizing the Inverter in my work truck to supply power to a drop light, I spent about three hours removing and installing the new box.  I now have all the breaker space a guy could want!