Oshkosh 2005

This years trip to Oshkosh was great!   I wasn't planning on going this year but when I heard White Knight and Space Ship One were going to be there, I knew I had to go and witness history. 

One of the highlights of the trip were the autographs I received from Burt Rutan, Mike Melville and Brian Binnie.  You know, THE guys that won the X prize!


The entrance to oshkosh


Thats Mike Melville and Burt Rutan standing there in front of us.

Brian Binnie, the second to take up SPaceShipOne to win the x prize.

This is the Glacier Girl P-38. They found this fighter under 200+ feet of ice on a glacier. Its now rebuilt and flying!

Burt Rutan design the "Difiant"

Nice Pietenpol

Kayla getting some instruction from an Ol timer

Kayla with Patty Wagstaff

This Sherpa is one big airplane! I'll have one (or two) some day!

This is the corsair they found in the swamp in North Carolina. The government tried to take it back once they pulled it up and a court battle ensued!

Kayla kicking keister on the rock wall !

The global flyer

I took my Rutan book in hopes of getting autographs.As luck would have it I was at the right place at the right time three times. I got Burt Rutan, Mike Melville (who spoke with me for a few minutes about the book as did his wife, very nice people) and Brian Binnie's autographs!