K & K

            My grandfather and his brother Hoover owned and operated a full service auto station in Martin City, Mo for more than 40 years.

The picture you see above is actually the rebuilt garage after the Martin City, Mo tornado of 1957. The tornado devastated the area around Martin City and Ruskin.


        This is all that is left of the original building after the tornado. That beam laying to the left was part of the roof and was over 40 feet wide.  Nobody getting gas that day !

Here is a pic of the original shop that was built back in the twenties before my    grandfather bought it in the forties.

Here it is after before the tornado hit it in 1957.  Notice the same front as the picture above it.

Picture of Grandpa at work

In 1960, grandpa decided to build a new, bigger building. So they built this beautiful high tech facility at 138th and Holmes, just down the road from where the old shop was. He said that they  went on vacation just before the construction started and the Mobil Gas company sold their franchise. So he obtained a Phillips 66 contract.

Here is another shot of the new building from the south looking north.

The crew holding down the fort!  Look at all those cigarettes. He said they sold them for $2.25 a carton.  When they sold this business in 1988 the front counter still looked almost the same. It was like a blast from the past. That's my great uncle Hoover there in the middle setting in the back and the man to the right is my grandpa.

Grandpa filling a customers truck.  Now this is old school people! This guy knew how to run a business. He even had all the oil cans labels faced out and looking clean. This must have been at the first station seeing that the rack says "Mobile"

  And everyone thought I was nuts for flying. Well, here is "King Nutt" himself.  I wonder where I get it? Hmmm? This is an Ercoupe him and Hoover owned for awhile and hangered at the old Stateline Airport in Kansas City, Mo.

Here is the solo certificate that my grandfather and his brother Hoover received right after soloing a piper J-3 Cub.  I like the mamma bird booting the baby birds butt out of the nest.


Here is a car they built In their spare time.  From what he told me there wasn't much in those early days. The pic on the far right shows the front of the car. Its the second from the right.

This is a pic of some of the family showing off what appears to be a spoon bill. The boy on the far right is my father.  For some reason these old pics just seem to make it feel as there were no worries back in the day.


A few of the old wreckers and service trucks at the station.

When they weren't flying, building hot rods or running the business, they enjoyed going to the cabin they built in Warsaw. This was a nice little place to get away from the troubles of the world.

Herb Keister outside the old shop

Grandpa outside the old shop

Grandpa served as crew chief for Dauntless dive bombers as part of his tour in the Navy during WWII

James Keister

I think this is Karl Keister hanging around the shop