Oshkosh 2006

Well, its hard to beat Oshkosh 2005 with White Knight, Space Ship One as well as a slew of other awesome things last year but we had a great time anyway.  My father went with us this year and he had never been before so there was something new for him around every corner.  I my desperate effort to educate my dad on every bit of everything at Oshkosh, I didn't get as many pictures this year.  I hope you enjoy the few I have. 


Unveiling of the Cessna Sport Plane Proposal

Kay ready for a long day !



F-86 Sabre

Beautiful Spitfire

Kayla once again kicking tail on the rockwall!

Cessna Idea of a Sport Plane. I like it a lot.

The Beach Boys concert.

Kayla once again ran into her Idle, Patty Wagstaff. Ms. Wagstaff is very nice and remembered Kayla from last year.