The Dragonfly


 Last Update-03/13/2010 01:40 AM    

Having come to the point where I need to permanently assembly my spar, I realized that setting the AD5 (5/32") rivets takes a little more oomph than a hand squeezer can deliver. I found this idea on the website.  Take a look and you'll find a bunch more ideas from some other guys building Zenith aircraft.  Thanks for the idea guys, it works great!


This rivet setter is rather simple but works great.  After a trip to the local Metal By The Foot store, I got started.  The C channel base is 8" x 2" x 24".  The middle piece (shown on top of the channel in this pic) is 4" x 4" on mine, but the other guys use 4" x 3". (I just couldn't get 4x3 where I got the metal)

I cut the 4x4 piece to 6" in length.



Now we cut the top arm to 22" in length.  I love my little Harbor freight bandsaw.  If you get one, just take a few minutes to set the bearing guides up correctly and you find the saw works pretty good.  If you don't have them set up right, the blade pops off the wheels constantly.




Here is what we have so far.  The rivet cup holder bar you see to the right sitting on the channel is .5" x 1.5" x 8" flat bar.





I utilized 4 evenly spaced 3/8" x 1" x 24 thread bolts to hold the top bar to the center section as well as the center section to the channel.  Why? It just seemed right.






Now we have the beast assembled for the first time. I drilled a 1/2" hole 1.5 inches from the outboard end of the top arm to guide the ram.  Draw center lines down the length of each piece to  line them all up.





 I made the ram from 1/2" cold rolled round stock.  I wanted to use a standard flat set for a squeezer so I faced the end off in the lathe and drilled a 3/16" hole to accept the set.





Here it is installed.




I used the ram set in position to find the correct position of the cup set plate. I decided to make the plate cover the whole width of the channel to help spread the load of the hammer blows.




A little blue and yellow paint and we are good to go.  This thing really works good.



A few action shot if you will.  A couple of blows from a 2# sledge and you're set!