The Dragonfly

Last Update-03/13/2010 01:41 AM

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In the plans, it states that plans builders can use the 65 mm flanging tools to flange the holes in the front stab spar (7H2-1) and elevator spar (7H2-8) vs. the 51mm holes called for in the plans.  That works ok on the front stab spar if the outer diameter of your 65mm flanging tool is small enough to set inside the front stab spars' flanges.  The elevator spar on the other hand proves to be to narrow to except the 65 mm tool, so I decided to build the small 51mm tool as well.


I decided that for the size, a wooden pattern and casting was not worth taking the time to make.  Metal by the Foot in Kansas City has small chunks of 6061 T6 plate an inch thick or better most of the time.  I went down today and found a piece 25 mm thick, 8 inches long and 5 inches wide.  14 bucks is all thatpiece cost and I was on my way.  The plans call for a 30 mm thickness, but I found 25mm to work just fine.


On the lathe again.





My daughter poses with the new 51 mm flanging tool. 

On the left, the top row is the 51mm set and the bottom row is the 65 mm set.